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 Even the most basic website can help increase new sales. For most people, a blog is a website that’s more personal, but still offers important business information to visitors. Whether you want to build an entirely professional site or design a more relaxed and enjoyable blog, we’ll take you through the process step by step and give you every opportunity to make your own design decisions.

You will have your own domain name, like – this is the address people will see when they click to visit your site. You’ll also get a place on the web that you can use to show off your work, tell people about yourself and sell anything you want. There are No technical skills needed. Each package comes with unlimited email addresses so you can keep in touch using [email protected]  

Use one of our websites which use WordPress software, which makes it super easy to make any changes or additions you want to your site, without getting lost in code. We’ll guide you through every step, jump on a video call or walk you through how to do stuff by email if you run into any problems.”

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Website Setup Plans Include:
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Platform Install
  • Template Build
  • Headers & Banners
  • Redesign/ Makeover
  • Site Maintenance & Updates
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