Is Free worth Your Time?


I often get asked “Why should I pay for hosting for a Website/Blog? I can get one for free.”

The scoop on Free :

Free websites are a great “no cost” way to try out the website/blog universe. But there are limits to what you get for free.

  • Limits on size/file storage (if you use a lot of photos this is a killer)
  • Limits on Bandwidth(upload/download speed)
  • Limited to proprietary Website Builders (and limited customization)
  • Branded to the Host Company (on every page, sometimes with ads)
  • Custom domain only with paid
  • Export to another platform may be difficult or impossible
  • No Support if you questions/Problems
  • No Online Payments/or you will premium per transaction cost

Blogging is a commitment that takes consistency and commitment. Frankly, most people do not manage to keep up with the need for new fresh content unless they have a blog integrated into their website.

                Hint: Weekly updates, Daily Specials, News and Events are all ways to keep the content fresh.  Your social media should compliment your website, not replace it. 

Websites will only show up in searches with good, fresh content which is designed and tagged specifically for search engines. There are steps that must be taken, and links, and codes that make it all work.

I am always happy to have a chat about what you plan to do, and what will be your best option to make it happen.